Specification Changes

The following list contains changes to specification structure and format:

  • Specification updated to OpenAPI 3.0 standard and is available at the link in the following format: https://<host name>:1280/api/.well-known/specification-3.1-PortalAdministrator-full-OpenApi_3_0.json. Swagger UI continues to represent the OpenAPI 2.0 version of the specification.
  • Replaced the x-veeam-nullable extension with the nullable attribute.
  • Fixed the properties without the required, read-only or nullable attribute.
  • Added the read-only attribute to multiple schemas.
  • Added new extensions:
  • x-veeam-pagination-filter
  • x-veeam-pagination-sort
  • x-veeam-pagination-select
  • x-veeam-create-by-default
  • x-veeam-empty-array-by-default
  • Added new headers:
  • X-Request-id
  • X-Client-Version
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