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Veeam Availability Console 2.0 Update 1
RESTful API Reference

Orderby System Query Option ($orderby)

The $orderby System Query Option is used to sort resource collections in a response.

For example, to sort cloud repositories by their capacity, send the following request:

GET https://<Availability-Console>:1281/v2/BackupRepositories?$orderby=capacity

By default, sorting is made in ascending order. To return resources in a collection in descending order, use the desc suffix.

For example, to show hardware plans with the highest storage quota first in a collection, send the following request:

GET https://<Availability-Console>:1281/v2/HardwarePlans?$orderby=storageQuota%20desc

For the formal grammar of the $orderby query option see the [OData-ABNF] syntax rule.

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RESTful API Reference