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Veeam Availability Console 3.0
RESTful API Reference

PUT Method

The PUT HTTP method is used to replace a set of resource values with another set of values.

New values must be provided in the request body. For example, to replace a company replication resource, send the following request:


PUT https://localhost:1281/v2/tenants/2/replicaResources/94e53bbb-64e0-4e41-8245-3d7bcee2236d


Request Header:

Content-Type: application/json

Authorization: Bearer <Access-Token>


Request Body:


 "hardwarePlanId": "1332c8cc-c669-41a7-8d4d-a89a11c79083",

 "isWanAccelerationEnabled": true,

 "wanAcceleratorUid": "a2a38062-1263-4c61-84e6-7dac83e79bd5"


In case of success, the PUT HTTP method returns the 200 Success response code.

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RESTful API Reference