Backing Up Configuration Settings

You can back up and restore the configuration database of AHV Backup Proxy. If the AHV Backup Proxy fails for some reason, you can re-deploy the AHV Backup Proxy and quickly restore its configuration from the configuration backup file.

When you perform a configuration backup, AHV Backup Proxy retrieves data from the configuration database, writes this data into a set of JSON and DAT files and archives these files to a ZIP file. The default naming scheme for the configuration backup file is

AHV Backup Proxy export information about the following objects:

  • Backups and snapshots created by AHV Backup Proxy
  • Backup and snapshot jobs created by AHV Backup Proxy
  • Events: performed job sessions and configuration changes
  • AHV Backup Proxy appliance settings

To back up the configuration database of AHV Backup Proxy, do the following.

  1. At the top-right corner of the main menu, click the gear icon and select Appliance Settings.

Backing Up Configuration Settings 

  1. At the Summary tab of the Appliance Settings section, click Config Backup.

Backing Up Configuration Settings 

  1. In the Configuration Backup window, select items that you want to back up:
  • Common: configuration settings, added Nutanix AHV clusters, Veeam Backup & Replication servers, backup jobs, and so on.
  • Events: list of events and event details.
  1. In the Protect passwords in exported files section, specify a password which will be used to decrypt saved passwords.
  2. Click Download.

Configuration data will be downloaded to your machine.

Backing Up Configuration Settings 

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