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Configuring Trusted Connection

VAO UI uses SSL to ensure secure data communication between VAO and a web browser.

When you install VAO, you can generate or choose a self-signed certificate. In this case, when you try to access the VAO UI in a web browser, the browser will display a warning notifying that the connection is untrusted (although it is secured with SSL).

Configuring Trusted Connection

To eliminate the warning, import the self-signed certificate to client machines (the machines from which you plan to access the VAO UI website).

If you want to use the certificate generated during VAO installation:

  1. Log in to the machine where VAO is installed.
  2. Open the Microsoft Management Console snap-in.
  1. Navigate to Certificates > Trusted Root Certification Authorities > Certificates.
  2. Export the Veeam Self-Signed Certificate following the instructions provided in this Microsoft KB article.
  1. Import the Veeam Self-Signed Certificate to client machines.

For details on importing SSL certificates, see this Microsoft KB article.

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