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Get Steps Added to Virtual Group in Plan

You can get a list of all steps added to a virtual group with the specified ID included in a specific plan.


To retrieve a representation of a collection of steps added to a specific virtual group, send the HTTP GET request to the /Groups/{groupId}/Steps endpoint.


VAO entity can be edited by another user while you are working with the VAO REST API. To define whether to include changes of the current editing session to the response, specify the includeEditingChanges parameter after the endpoint of the request URL: ?includeEditingChanges=true/false.

HTTP Request

GET https://<hostname>:<port>/api/v3/Plans/{planId}/Groups/{groupId}/Steps

Request Headers

The request contains the following headers.







Bearer <Access-Token>

Authenticates a client who sends the request to the server. Must contain the access token for the current logon session in the Bearer <Access-Token> format.



  • application/xml
  • text/json
  • application/json

Specifies a media type of representation that is required in the response message. If the requested type is not supported, the server will return the response in the application/json media type.


The server returns the following response to the client.

Response Code

A successfully completed operation returns 200 response code.

Response Headers

The response to this request contains the following headers. The response may also include additional standard HTTP headers.






Identifies the length of the response body message, in bytes.


  • application/xml
  • text/json
  • application/json

Identifies the media type of the response body message.

Response Body

In the response body, VAO returns a representation of the /Steps collection for the specified virtual group. The StepInfoModel schema is used for the collection representation.

Get Steps Added to Virtual Group in PlanExample

The following request returns a list of steps added to a virtual group with the ID 2547b552-ba22-4b2b-8beb-46c45922102d in a plan with the ID cd47d232-44f6-4c1c-84e2-8033049a5cfa.


GET https://uwin2012r2.n.local:9898/api/v3/Plans/cd47d232-44f6-4c1c-84e2-8033049a5cfa/Groups/2547b552-ba22-4b2b-8beb-46c45922102d/Steps


Request Header:

Authorization: Bearer <Access-Token>





Response Body:


 "total": 2,

 "data": [


     "$id": "1",

     "name": "VM Power Actions",

     "type": "Action",

     "state": "Ready",

     "id": "d1c35c94-8b3c-400a-b465-0995d50b1de3",

     "order": 1,

     "description": "This Step performs power actions on one or more VMs (power on, power off, shutdown, suspend, resume). These actions may be required to support orchestration plans (for example, to power off non-critical VMs to free resources required for failover). Provide VM names as a comma-separated list. Do not use this script to perform power actions on recovered VMs as this is performed automatically by the Process Replica VM and Restore VM steps.",

     "requiredForSuccess": false,

     "stepDefinitionUid": "8010025b-20ec-405f-90d7-1dc1eb04a9ba",

     "enabledForCurrentUser": true



     "$id": "2",

     "name": "Send Email",

     "type": "Action",

     "state": "Ready",

     "id": "46c3dec1-f95b-427e-a492-dd432cc34282",

     "order": 2,

     "description": "This Step sends an email using the SMTP server configured in the reporting settings. Free text can be used for the Subject and Description fields, and can include predefined %variables% that are populated during plan execution.",

     "requiredForSuccess": false,

     "stepDefinitionUid": "e78186ac-25fd-4ac2-a841-9593d164276a",

     "enabledForCurrentUser": true





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