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Veeam Availability Orchestrator 2.0
REST API Reference


The /Scopes resource collection represents all scopes created in VAO. The collection includes resources which represent individual scopes and have specific system IDs.

Scopes Note:

A range of data available to a client in VAO REST API depends on permissions of the account under which the client is currently logged in.

Collection URL

The resource collection is located at the following URL:


Collection Representation Scopes



   "name": "Exchange App stack",

   "id": "d874a89f-9f63-454b-8c51-f833fd4e38a3",

   "description": "VMs for exchange admins",

   "_links": {

     "self": {

       "href": "/v2/Sites/3fcc418e-237d-4856-860b-a2fb7d6d34d6/Scopes/d874a89f-9f63-454b-8c51-f833fd4e38a3"






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