Configuring Trusted Connection

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    The VAO UI uses SSL to ensure secure data communication between VAO and a web browser.

    When you install VAO, you can generate or choose a self-signed certificate. In this case, when you try to access the VAO UI in a web browser, the browser will display a warning notifying that the connection is untrusted (although it is secured with SSL).

    Configuring Trusted Connection

    To eliminate the warning, import the self-signed certificate to client machines (the machines from which you plan to access the VAO UI website). To learn how to import SSL certificates, see this Microsoft KB article.

    If you want to use the certificate generated during VAO installation, perform the following steps:

    1. Log in to the machine where VAO is installed.
    2. Open the Microsoft Management Console snap-in.
    1. Navigate to Certificates > Trusted Root Certification Authorities > Certificates.
    2. Export the Veeam Self-Signed Certificate following the instructions provided in this Microsoft KB article.
    1. Import the Veeam Self-Signed Certificate to client machines.