Backup Policies

Veeam Backup for AWS backs up data of EC2 instances as prescribed by backup policies. A backup policy is a collection of settings that define how backup operations must be performed. The backup policy dictates what data to back up, where backups must be stored, what schedule must be used and so on.

One backup policy can be used to process one or more EC2 instances within one AWS account. The scope of EC2 instances that you can protect in an AWS account is limited by permissions of an IAM role that is specified in backup policy settings.

You can back up an EC2 instance with one backup policy at a time. If an EC2 instance is included into more than one backup policies, it will be processed only by a backup policy that has the highest priority. Other backup policies will skip this EC2 instance from processing. For information on how to set a priority for a backup policy, see Setting Backup Policy Priority.

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