Veeam Backup for AWS is licensed per protected instance. An instance is defined as a single AWS resource — EC2 instance, RDS resource or EFS file system. An instance is considered to be protected if it has a restore point (snapshot or backup) created by a backup policy during the past 31 days. Each protected instance consumes 1 license unit. However, if an instance has only manually created snapshots or backups, it does not consume any license units.


If an instance has not been backed up within the past 31 days, Veeam Backup for AWS automatically revokes the license unit from the instance. If you need to manually revoke a license unit, follow the instructions provided in section Revoking License Units.

Product Editions

Veeam Backup for AWS is available in 3 editions:

  • Free

Veeam Backup for AWS operating in the Free edition allows you to protect up to 10 instances free of charge. Mind that, this license edition does not support indexing of EFS file systems.


If you previously had the Free edition installed for evaluation and testing purposes and want to switch to any of the commercial editions without reconfiguring the backup infrastructure, follow the steps described in this Veeam KB article.

  • Paid

Veeam Backup for AWS operating in the Paid edition allows you to protect an unlimited number of instances.

In the Paid edition of the product, you are charged by the number of instances that you actually protect. To track data protection operations on the backup appliance, Veeam Backup for AWS uses the AWS Marketplace Metering Service. Every hour, the backup appliance sends information on the current number of protected instances to AWS. The billing for the protected instances is included into the monthly AWS Cost and Usage report.

  • BYOL (Bring Your Own License)

Veeam Backup for AWS operating in the BYOL edition allows you to use a Veeam Backup for AWS license with a certain number of license units to protect instances.

For details on how to obtain the license, contact a Veeam sales representative at Sales Inquiry. For details on how to install the license on the backup appliance, see Installing and Removing License. Note that if the license is not installed, Veeam Backup for AWS operates in the Free edition allowing you to protect up to 10 instances free of charge.


Veeam Backup & Replication licensing is applied to Veeam Backup for AWS appliances managed by standalone Veeam Backup & Replication servers. For more information, see the Integration with Veeam Backup & Replication Guide.

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