Veeam Backup for AWS uses notifications to inform you about available updates and missing IAM role permissions.

Update Notifications

Veeam Backup for AWS notifies you about new versions of the product and available package updates for the backup server operating system, including security updates. Veeam Backup for AWS performs update check every 12 hours. To install product and package updates, click the Updates are available link in the notifications menu and follow the instructions provided in Installing Updates.


It is recommended that you timely install available package updates to avoid performance issues while working with the product. Timely installed security updates may help you prevent potential security issues and reduce the risk of compromising sensitive data.

Missing IAM Role Permissions

After the product update, Veeam Backup for AWS verifies whether permissions of IAM roles are sufficient to perform data protection and disaster recovery operations for which IAM roles are specified. If an IAM role has insufficient permissions, Veeam Backup for AWS will notify you about it. To grant permissions to the IAM role, click the IAM role notification in the notifications menu and follow the instructions provided in Checking IAM Role Permissions.

Hiding Notifications Menu

By default, the notifications menu is displayed automatically. To hide it, clear the Automatically show new messages check box. To open the notifications menu manually, click the notifications icon.



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