Entire EC2 Instance Restore

In case of a disaster, you can restore an entire EC2 instance from a cloud-native snapshot, snapshot replica or image-level backup.

You can restore one or more EC2 instances at once, to the original location or new location. When you perform restore to the original location, the original EC2 instance is automatically powered off and removed from Amazon EC2 after the restore process completes successfully. When you perform restore to a new location, you can specify the target AWS region, VPC, EC2 instance type and so on.

How Entire EC2 Instance Restore Works

To restore EC2 instances from cloud-native snapshots and snapshot replicas, Veeam Backup for AWS uses native AWS capabilities.

To restore EC2 instances from image-level backups, Veeam Backup for AWS performs the following steps:

  1. Launches a worker instance in the AWS region where the target EC2 instance will reside.
  2. Creates empty EBS volumes and attaches them to the worker instance.

The number of empty EBS volumes equals the number of EBS volumes attached to the backed-up EC2 instance.

  1. Restores backed-up data to the empty EBS volumes on the worker instance.
  2. Detaches EBS volumes with restored data from the worker instance.
  1. Removes the worker instance from Amazon EC2.
  1. Creates a target EC2 instance in the specified location
  2. Attaches EBS volumes with restored data to the target EC2 instance.
  1. [For restore to original location] Powers off the original EC2 instance and removes it from Amazon EC2.

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