Step 6. Select AWS Region and Availability Zone

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    [This step applies only if you have selected the Restore to a new location, or with different settings option at the Restore Mode step of the wizard]

    At the Region step of the wizard, select the AWS Region and Availability Zone to which Veeam Backup for AWS will place the restored EBS volumes.

    If you have AWS Outposts in your infrastructure, you can restore EBS volumes to the AWS Outpost. To do that:

    1. From the Region drop-down list, select the AWS Region to wchich the AWS Outpost is connected.
    2. From the Availability zone drop-down list, select the Availability Zone that the AWS Outpost is homed to.
    3. In the Select AWS Outpost section, click the Not set link.
    4. In the Available AWS Outposts window, select the AWS Outpost.
    5. Click Ok.


    Consider the following:

    • All objects residing in an AWS Outpost are encrypted.
    • An AWS Outpost supports a limited list of EBS volume types. If the type of the restored EBS volume is not supported in the selected AWS Outpost, the restore operation will fail.

    Step 6. Select AWS Region and Availability Zone