Performing Entire Configuration Restore

In case of unexpected configuration changes, you can restore entire Amazon VPC configuration from a VPC configuration backup. Veeam Backup for AWS allows you to restore the VPC configuration to the original location or to a new location.


Restore to a new location is not supported for the following VPC configuration items:

  • Client VPN endpoints.
  • Customer gateways and load balancer listeners that use authentication certificates.
  • In route tables, for core networks and routes to AWS Outpost local gateways, network interfaces, instances and carrier gateways.

How Entire VPC Configuration Restore Works

To restore the entire VPC configuration from a backup, Veeam Backup for AWS performs the following steps:

  1. Retrieves the backed-up VPC configuration from the Veeam Backup for AWS database.
  2. Validates the restore operation: sends API requests to AWS to verify that AWS service quotas are not exceeded and there are no subnet CIDR block conflicts.
  3. Retrieves information on existing items and their settings in the current Amazon VPC configuration.
  4. Restores the backed-up VPC configuration:
  1. Creates the missing VPC configuration items.
  2. Modifies settings of the existing items that do not match the backed-up settings.

How to Perform Entire VPC Configuration Restore

To restore the entire VPC configuration, complete the following steps:

  1. Launch the VPC Restore wizard.
  2. Select a restore point and VPCs to restore.
  3. Specify an IAM identity for restore.
  4. Choose a restore mode.
  5. Configure mapping for Availability Zones.
  6. Review settings of VPC peering connections.
  7. Specify a restore reason.
  8. Finish working with the wizard.