Step 3c. Select Resources

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    In the Resources section of the Sources step of the wizard, select resources that you want to back up or to exclude from the policy.

    1. Click Select resources to protect.
    2. In the Choose resource protection options window, choose whether you want to back up all Azure resources from the regions selected at the step 3b, or only specific resources.
    3. If you selected Protect the following resources:
    1. From the Resource type drop-window, select the necessary type of resources:
    • Subscriptions — to back up Azure VMs that belong to specific subscriptions.
    • Resource Groups — to back up Azure VMs that belong to specific resource groups.
    • Tags — to back up Azure VMs that have specific tags assigned.
    • Virtual Machines — to back up only specific Azure VMs.


    If an Azure VM has one or more shared disks attached, you will not be able to back up this VM. Shared disks are not supported in the current Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure version. For more information on shared disks in Microsoft Azure, see Microsoft Docs.

    1. From the Name or ID drop-down window, select the necessary item and click Protect.

    Alternatively, you can click Browse to select specific source from the global list, select check boxes next to the necessary VM instances or labels in the list of available resources, and then click Protect.

    1. To save changes made to the backup policy settings, click Apply.


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