Step 3. Select OS Disk Type

At the Disks step of the Create a virtual machine wizard, do the following:

  1. From the OS disk type drop-down list, select a type of the Azure managed disk that will be attached to the backup appliance.

It is recommended that you use Premium SSD to ensure better performance of the disk. For more information on available Azure managed disk types, see Microsoft Docs.

  1. From the Encryption type drop-down list, choose whether you want to use a default platform-managed key or a customer-managed key to encrypt Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure data.
  • Select the Encryption on at-rest with a platform-managed key option to use the default type of encryption.
  • Select the Encryption on at-rest with a customer-managed key option to specify your own key. This ensures better control of your keys and data, but has a number of restrictions. For a customer-managed encryption key to be displayed in the Disk encryption set list, it must be created in the Microsoft Azure portal as described in Microsoft Docs.
  1. Other options on the Disks page are preconfigured by Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure and cannot be changed. Click Next : Networking >.

Selecting Disk Type