Before You Begin

Consider the following when restoring Microsoft Azure VMs:

  • If you use a cloud-init-based Linux distribution, such as Ubuntu, for security reasons the password that you use to login to the operating system is blocked after the restore. For more information about a cloud-init-based distribution, see this Microsoft article.

You can access restored VMs that support a cloud-init-based Linux distribution via SSH in the following cases:

  • The lock_passwd variable is set to false in the /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg file.
  • A public SSH key is used instead of a user password.
  • When you restore to the original location, to access restored VMs using the original DNS names, make sure to dissociate the previously used public IP address and then associate it with the new one that was created by Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure during a restore. For more information, see this Microsoft article.
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