Email Notification Settings

The /emailNotifications resource collection represents settings configured in Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure to send email notifications on backup policy results and daily reports.

Collection URL

The resource collection is located at the following URL:


Email Notification SettingsCollection Representation


 "smtpSettings": {

   "host": "",

   "port": 25,

   "useSecureConnection": false,

   "timeOutMiliSeconds": 100000


 "notificationsEnabled": true,

 "from": "",

 "to": "",

 "subject": "[%JobResult%] %JobName% (%VmCount% virtual machines) %Issues%",

 "dailyReportSettings": {

   "sendDailyReport": false,

   "dailyTime": "00:00:00"


 "emailNotificationSettings": {

   "notifyOnSuccess": true,

   "notifyOnWarning": true,

   "notifyOnFailure": true



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