Get License Agreement

You can retrieve license agreement and checksum parameters required for accepting terms of the agreements.


To get the license agreement was accepted, send the HTTP GET request to the /licenseAgreement endpoint.

HTTP Request

GET https://<hostname>/api/v2/licenseAgreement


The server returns the following response to the client.

Response Codes

A successfully completed operation returns a response code 200 (OK).

Response Headers

The response to this request contains the following headers. The response may also include additional standard HTTP headers.






Identifies the length of the response body message, in bytes.


  • application/json
  • application/problem+json

Identifies the media type of the response body message.

Response Body

In the response body, Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure returns the license agreement content.

Get License AgreementExample

The following request verifies the acceptance of the license agreement.







Response Body:


 "licenseAgreements": [


     "checksum": "fbd81066775ff1df5adca99d4ffcfccb0e782c6bb559c4aa808853fdca7f310e",

     "content": "# END USER SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT (\"EULA\") \r\n\r\n\r\nIMPORTANT, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: THIS END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT \"EULA\" IS A LEGAL AGREEMENT BETWEEN YOU (AS AN INDIVIDUAL OR ENTITY, \"YOU\" THE \"CUSTOMER\") AND VEEAM SOFTWARE GROUP GMBH (\"VEEAM\"), FOR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES, WHICH MAY INCLUDE COMPUTER SOFTWARE AND ASSOCIATED DOCUMENTATION (\"SOFTWARE\"). BY INSTALLING OR OTHERWISE USING THE SOFTWARE OR RECEIVING THE SERVICES, YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS OF THIS EULA. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THE TERMS OF THIS EULA, DO NOT USE THE SOFTWARE OR SERVICES.\r\n\r\n## 1.0 License Grant\r\nThis EULA grants you, the user, a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the Software, in object code for your internal business purposes (and not for managing third party data unless the product you have licensed expressly permits you to) under the terms and conditions stated herein. The Software is to be installed, used, and deployed in accordance with the specific license you purchased, a description of the license can be found at (\"Licensing Policy\"). This EULA and the Licensing Policy can be updated from time to time, in Veeam's sole discretion and will be made available at\r\n\r\n## 2.0 Permissible Use\r\nYou may use the Software for the number of licenses or capacity that you have purchased...",

     "type": "Eula"



     "checksum": "74b0ac3bedc20bd421cfb4cc93250154f507bc0481afe12dd21acd7f2c7dbaaa",

     "content": "THIRD-PARTY SOFTWARE NOTICES AND INFORMATION\r\nDo Not Translate or Localize\r\n\r\nVeeam Backup for Microsoft Azure incorporates third party components below.\r\nVeeam licenses these components under Veeam EULA license\r\nterms, except that components licensed under licenses requiring\r\nthat such components remain under their original license.\r\nYou may obtain a copy of the corresponding GPL or LGPL source code\r\nfrom Veeam for a period of three years after our last release\r\nof this Veeam offering, if and as required under the GPL or LGPL,\r\nby sending a money order or check for $5.00 to:\r\nPlease write the name and version of the source code\r\n(e.g., \"source code for [name of the library] v. 1.0)\")\r\nin the memo line of your payment. Veeam reserves all rights\r\nnot expressly granted herein, whether by implication,\r\nestoppel or otherwise. If you use any other Veeam products,\r\nthe third-party software notices and information on the components\r\nare included in such Veeam products.\r\n\r\nUbuntu ... 2019\r\n====\r\nmicromatch 3.1.10\r\nJon Schlinkert\r\n====\r\nMicrosoft Azure Keyvault SDK for .NET 2.0.4\r\nCopyright (c) Microsoft Corporation\r\n====\r\nMicrosoft Azure Keyvault SDK for .NET 3.0.1\r\nCopyright (c) Microsoft Corporation\r\n====\r\nMicrosoft.ApplicationInsights 2.12.1\r\n© Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.\r\n====\r\nMicrosoft.Azure.Common 2.2.1\r\nCopyright (c) Microsoft Corporation\r\n====\r\nMicrosoft.Azure.Management.Compute 31.1.0\r\nCopyright (c) Microsoft Corporation\r\n====\r\nMicrosoft.Azure.Management.ManagedServices 1.1.0\r\nCopyright (c) Microsoft Corporation\r\n====\r\nMicrosoft.Bcl.AsyncInterfaces 1.1.0\r\n© Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.\r\n====\r\nMicrosoft.Bcl.HashCode 1.1.0\r\n© Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.\r\n====\r\nMicrosoft.Graph 1.20.0\r\n© Microsoft Corporation...",

     "type": "ThirdPartyAgreement"




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