Resource Groups

The /resourceGroups resource collection represents all resource groups to which Azure account added to the Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure configuration database have permissions.

Collection URL

The resource collection is located at the following URL:


Resource GroupsCollection Representation


 "offset": 0,

 "limit": 200,

 "totalCount": 231,

 "results": [


     "id": "xx8zn8iisef6ytpcgif199gm45ip8xybbw6refruekg9ursfbg5y",

     "resourceId": "/subscriptions/1142bdc7-8797-42bc-aa23-9f1fc1411946/resourcegroups/0367e3ec-cd6d-474b-9fff-8bde635d996c",

     "name": "0367e3ec-cd6d-474b-9fff-8bde635d996c",

     "azureEnvironment": "Global",

     "subscriptionId": "1142bdc7-8797-42bc-aa23-9f1fc1411946",

     "regionId": "eastasia",

     "_links": {

       "subscription": {

         "href": ""


       "self": {

         "href": ""





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