Step 2. Specify Target Mailbox

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    At this step of the wizard, specify the target mailbox and mailbox location.

    To specify mailbox settings, do the following:

    1. In the Mailbox field, enter a mailbox name to which you want to restore data.

    You can specify any name that you want. You can also restore a mailbox to a different organization. For example, you have backed up a mailbox To restore such a mailbox to a different organization, you can specify, for example, to restore a mailbox to the organization.

    1. Select Microsoft Office 365 to restore the specified mailbox to an Exchange Online organization with enabled multi-factor authentication (MFA) and enabled or disabled security defaults. For more information, see Microsoft Office 365 Organizations.

    You can also perform a restore of backups created for Exchange Online organizations to on-premises Microsoft Exchange servers and vice versa. For more information, see Restore to On-Premises Microsoft Servers.

    Specify Target Mailbox