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Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 3.0
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Adding On-Premises Microsoft Exchange Organization

To add a new on-premises Microsoft Exchange organization, do the following:

  1. In the Select organization deployment type drop-down list, select On-premises.
  2. Select the Microsoft Exchange Server checkbox.

Adding Microsoft On-premises Exchange

  1. Specify a Microsoft Exchange server name.

You can use a DNS name of a server, NetBIOS name or its IP-address.

  1. Specify authentication credentials to connect to the Microsoft Exchange server using either of the following formats: domain\account or account@domain.

For more information, see Required Permissions.

  1. Select the Grant this account required roles and permissions checkbox to automatically assign the ApplicationImpersonation role.

Make sure the account being used is a member of the Organization Management group and has been granted the Role Management role upfront. Otherwise, the automatic assignment of the ApplicationImpersonation role will fail; an organization will not be added.

  1. Select the Configure throttling policy checkbox to set the throttling policy for the account being used to Unlimited.

Adding Microsoft On-premises Exchange

  1. By default, Veeam establishes an SSL connection. To change this or skip one or more SSL verifications, click Advanced and select verifications to skip:
  • Skip certificate trusted authority verification
  • Skip certificate common name verification
  • Skip revocation check

Adding On-Premises Microsoft Exchange Organization 

  1. Wait for a connection to be established and click Finish.

Adding Microsoft On-premises Exchange

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