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Adding a Repository

You can use the New Backup Repository wizard to create repositories associated with existing backup proxies. This wizard will be launched, for example, if you answer Yes when prompted to create a repository associated with the new backup proxy (that is, after finishing the New Backup Proxy wizard described above).

Also, to create a new repository, you can take the following steps:

  1. In the Backup Infrastructure view, click the Backup Repositories node to display the Repositories tab.
  1. Click Add Repository on the ribbon to start the New Backup Repository wizard.
  2. Alternatively, select the Backup Repositories node in the navigation tree, right-click it and select Add backup repository from the shortcut menu.

Adding a Repository 

  1. At the first step of the wizard, specify repository name and optional description.

Adding a Repository 

  1. Next, specify:
  1. Backup proxy server that will work with the new repository.
  2. Repository location. Make sure the repository meets the requirements listed in the corresponding section of this guide. To discover repository capacity and free space, click Get free space.


If you have Veeam Backup & Replication deployed in your environment, consider that using its repository as a target for Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 backups is not recommended due to the many differences in the backed up data structure and retention policies, as well as product operation.

Instead, it is recommended to plan for a dedicated storage of your mailbox data archived by Veeam Backup for Office 365. See also the System Requirements section above.

Adding a Repository 

  1. At the next step, configure retention for the backup data stored in the repository:
  1. Retention policy for mailbox items – use this drop-down list to specify the retention period for archived data. See this section for details on how retention works.
    Default retention period is 3 years.

Adding a Repository 

You can select any value from the list, including Keep forever.

You can also select Specified number of days and specify the value you need:

Adding a Repository 

Remember that mail items older than specified retention period will not be archived, and those stored in the repository will be deleted when the retention policy is applied, as described below.

  1. Apply retention policy – use these options to specify how frequently retention settings should be applied to data in the repository:

Adding a Repository 

You can specify daily, weekly or monthly schedule. When applying retention, the retention period starting point is set to the current date. See this section for details.


Retention policy is applied to backup repository, not to backup job.

  1. Click Finish to save the settings and close the wizard. The new repository configured for selected sever will be displayed in the list of repositories in the working area on the right.

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