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Adding Microsoft On-Premises SharePoint Organization

To add a new On-Premises Microsoft SharePoint organization, do the following:

  1. Select the Microsoft SharePoint checkbox and click Next.

Adding Microsoft On-premises SharePoint Organization

  1. Specify the Microsoft SharePoint server address and the WinRM port number. See User Authentication For SharePoint Organization.
  2. Select to skip one or several verification steps using the following checkboxes:
  • Skip certificate trusted authority verification.
  • Skip certificate common name verification.
  • Skip revocation check.
  1. Specify valid credentials to connect to the Microsoft SharePoint organization.

The user account must be provided in either of the following formats: domain\account or account@domain. For more information on required permissions, see the Required Permissions section.

  1. Select the Automatically grant required permissions and assign roles checkbox to automatically add a user to the SharePoint site collection and grant this user administrative privileges to be able to access Microsoft SharePoint sites. Selecting this option also grants access to the User Profile Service to be able to work with OneDrive data.

Adding Microsoft On-premises SharePoint Organization

  1. Wait until the connection is established and click Finish.

Some actions might be failing during verification. In this case, a message will be shown under the Status column displaying the reason of the failure.

Adding Microsoft On-premises SharePoint Organization

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