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Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365
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Mailbox Backup and Restore Process Overview

The process of backup and restore of mailbox data from on-premises or online Exchange Organization includes the following general stages:

Mailbox Backup and Restore Process Overview 

  1. Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 gathers mailbox data from the Exchange organization using Exchange Web Services and PowerShell, and stores it in the repository; data is transferred using SSL. To carry out these operations automatically, an administrator creates and schedules a backup job. Each successful job run creates a restore point where the corresponding state of the mailbox datastore is kept.


A successful job run means that the job produced a successful backup of at least one mailbox.

2,3  A user selects the mailbox database state to work with - as of the latest restore point, or as of the certain point in time. This datastore is added to the Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange scope. This way, it becomes available for browsing and restore of mailbox items and folders.  

  1. Then users can utilize browsing, searching and restore capabilities of Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange. They include:
  • Restoring mailboxes, folders and items to Exchange Online or on-premises Exchange Organization
  • Export of mailboxes, folders and items as Personal Folder Files (.pst)
  • Saving mailbox items as Microsoft Exchange Mail Documents (.msg)
  • Sending mailbox items as attachments via email
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