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Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 2.0
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Copying Microsoft OneDrive Data

With Veeam Explorer for Microsoft OneDrive for Business, you can copy your OneDrive data to the same or different user.

To copy OneDrive data, do the following:

  1. In the navigation pane, or using the preview pane, select an object you want to copy. It can be OneDrive itself, a folder, or a document.
  2. On the ribbon menu or using the corresponding context menu, click Copy OneDrive/Copy Folder/Copy Document depending on the object type you have selected.

Copying Microsoft OneDrive Data

  1. Specify Office 365 credentials to access your production environment and click Next.

Copying Microsoft OneDrive Data

  1. Specify whether you want to copy OneDrive data to the original user or to another one and click Next. When you select Restore to another one, Veeam will fetch all available users with OneDrives from the Office 365 organization and show them in the drop-down list.

Copying Microsoft OneDrive Data

  1. Select the target location on the destination OneDrive to copy your data and click Next.

Copying Microsoft OneDrive Data

  1. Specify copy options and click Restore.

The copy options are as follows:

  • Changed items. Allows you to recover data that has been modified in your production environment.
  • Missed items. Allows you to recover missed items.
  • Restore shared access. Allows you to recover shared access.
  • History restore options. Allows you to recover particular version:
  • Overwrite. To overwrite data in the production environment by recovering all versions from the backup.
  • Merge. To restore only the latest version of the document.

If not selected all versions in the production environment will be replaced with the corresponding data from a backup file.

Copying Microsoft OneDrive Data

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