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Editing Organization Parameters

After you have added an organization, you may want to edit its parameters such as the organization deployment type, user name and/or password, or permissions that have been previously given to that account.

When editing organization parameters, you are basically going through the steps of the same wizard that was used when you were adding new organizations to the program scope. For more information, see Adding Microsoft Organizations.

Editing Organization Parameters Note:

You cannot change Office 365 organization deployment type to the On-Premises type.

To edit organization parameters, do the following:

  1. Go to the Organization view, select an organization you want to edit and click Edit Org on the ribbon menu. You can also use the Edit command from the context menu.

Editing Organization Parameters

  1. Choose the organization deployment type.

Editing Organization Parameters

  1. Provide Microsoft Office 365 connection settings.

The wizard you see at this step depends on the deployment type of the organization that is being edited.

Editing Organization Parameters

  1. Wait until the operation is complete and click Finish.
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