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Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 2.0
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Step 5. Specify Scheduling Options

At this step of the wizard, specify the following:

  • Under the Run the job, select either of the following options to run the backup job automatically:
  • Daily at this time and customize the schedule you want to be applied.
  • Periodically every and specify how often to run a job,
  • To perform retry attempts, select the Retry failed objects processing checkbox and specify the maximum number of retry attempts. Also, define the time interval that should be considered by the system before attempting subsequent retries.
  • To define a period when a backup job should (or should not) be executed, select the Terminate job if it exceeds allowed backup window checkbox, click Window and specify allowed and prohibited hours.
  • To run a backup job upon completion of the wizard, select the Start the job when I click Create checkbox.

Specifying Scheduling Options

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