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Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 3.0
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Step 5. Specify Scheduling Options

At this step of the wizard, specify the following:

  • To configure automatic execution of a backup job, select the Run the job automatically checkbox and customize the schedule you want to be applied.

Either of the following options is available:

  • Daily at this time. To run the job daily at specified hours.
  • Periodically every. To run the job every N minutes.
  • To perform retry attempts, select the Retry failed objects processing checkbox and specify the maximum number of retry attempts. In addition, define the time interval to be considered by the system before attempting subsequent retries.
  • To define a period when a backup job should (or should not) be executed, select the Terminate job if it exceeds allowed backup window checkbox, click Window and specify allowed and prohibited hours, as described in Selecting Time Periods.
  • To run a backup job upon completion of the wizard, select the Start the job when I click Create checkbox.

Specifying Scheduling Options

Selecting Time Periods

When you click Window, the Time Period dialog will be shown in which you can:

The main area of the dialog is divided into two axes:

Within these axes a matrix is placed consisting of blocks. Each block represents a 59 minutes interval for each day of the week. The total number of blocks is 168 (24 blocks per each day of the week).

To set up an execution frame for the backup job, do the following:

  1. Select a block that corresponds to the day of the week (vertical axis) and to the time interval (horizontal axis) on which you want to allow or prohibit the execution of a backup job.

In addition, you can:

  1. On the right-hand side, select either the Permitted or Denied option to set up the execution rule for the selected blocks.

The following figure shows an example in which it is prohibited to run a backup job on the following days of the week:

Step 5. Specify Scheduling Options 

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