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Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365
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Step 3. Select Restore Options

Next, specify the restore options to be applied. Most of them are the same as for folders and items – you can select to restore Changed items, Missing items, and to Mark restored items as unread.

Additionally, when restoring multiple mailboxes, you can select the Finish the restore of recent items before restoring the remaining items and set the program to Restore items for the last <N> days first.

This will instruct Veeam Explorer to restore multiple mailboxes in “chunks” – the most recent items in the backup (from the latest N-days interval) will be processed first (that is, pre-restored) and become available to user while processing of the rest of mailboxes goes on in the background.

This approach makes restore process more user-friendly, as users typically want to work with the most recent data.

Step 3. Select Restore Options 

If you want some folders from the backup to be excluded from the recovery process, click the Exclude folders link.

In the dialog displayed, select what you plan to exclude. These can be the following folders: Drafts, Deleted Items, In-Place Hold Items, Litigation Hold Items.

Step 3. Select Restore Options 

Click OK to save the settings and return to the wizard.  Click Restore and wait for restore operation to complete.

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