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Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 2.0
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Restoring Microsoft OneDrive Data

Veeam Explorer for Microsoft OneDrive for Business allows you to recover entire users OneDrives or certain documents and/or folders of the selected OneDrive.

To recover your data, do the following:

  1. In the navigation pane, select the object type you want to recover; it can be a folder, a document or even the entire OneDrive or all OneDrives belonging to the selected organizations or groups.
  2. On the ribbon menu, or using the corresponding context menu command, click Restore OneDrive (or Restore Document/Folder, when restoring documents/folders, and Restore OneDrives when restoring all OneDrives for the selected organizations or groups). Then, you can choose between two options: Overwrite or Keep.

Use the Overwrite option to completely overwrite the existing OneDrive data in the production environment. If you select Keep, Veeam Explorer for Microsoft OneDrive for Business will preserve existing data and recover items with the RESTORED prefix (RESTORED-<file_name>.ext).

Restoring Microsoft OneDrive Data

  1. Specify Office 365 credentials to access your production environment and click Restore.

Restoring Microsoft OneDrive Data

Restoring Microsoft OneDrive Data Note:

if you select Overwrite, Veeam will skip unchanged objects. Such objects will not be recovered.

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