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Sending Microsoft Exchange Items

To send items as an e-mail attachment, do the following:

  1. Launch Veeam Explorer For Microsoft Exchange to add mailbox database to the application scope. See the Exploring Backups Using Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange section to know how to explore your backups.
  2. In Veeam Explorer For Microsoft Exchange navigation pane select a folder, containing required items.
  3. In the preview pane, choose item(s) you want to send. You can also use the Search field to find particular items.
  4. Go to the Items tab and click Send Items > Send to. You can also use the corresponding item's context menu.

Sending Microsoft Exchange Items  

  1. To edit the message text, click More details. Click Send to send an e-mail.

Sending Microsoft Exchange Items 

An email address in the From field will be automatically added based on the address you have specified during configuring SMTP Settings in the Veeam Explorer For Microsoft Exchange Options dialog. The recipient address will be obtained using Active Directory records. If resolved successfully, a recipient address will be added to the To field. Otherwise, as well as if you have selected to send items from different mailboxes, Veeam Explorer For Microsoft Exchange will put the same address in both From and To fields. You can also specify the email address manually. In the Send To dialog you can edit the subject and the message text. A default subject is Mail Items Recovery.

You can double-click the attachment to see its content. You can also see the message headers by clicking the corresponding link at the top-right area of the message window.


If SMTP Settings has not been configured, Veeam will notify you that your SMTP Server is not yet specified. To know how to configure SMTP Settings, see Performing Initial Configuration Settings.

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