Required Permissions

The following table lists required permissions for data restore.


Required Roles and Permissions

Restore to on-premises Microsoft SharePoint

To restore data to on-premises SharePoint, make sure to configure user accounts as follows:

  • The account must be granted Full Control to connect to the target SharePoint server.
  • The account must be assigned either the Site Administrator or System Account role to restore user permissions.
  • If permissions of items being restored are inherited from the parent one, the account must be granted Full Control.
  • If permissions of items being restored are not inherited from the parent one and items being restored replace the existing ones, the account must be granted Contribute and Full Control.

Restore to Microsoft Office 365

To restore data to SharePoint Online, the user account must have the SharePoint Administrator role.

Consider the following:

  • For restore of personal SharePoint sites using the modern authentication method, make sure to select the Allow users to run custom script on personal sites option in the SharePoint admin center. For more information, see this Microsoft article.
  • Make sure that the required settings are specified for the Azure AD application used for restore. For more information, see Required Azure AD Application Settings.
  • For data restore using the modern authentication method, the account used to log in to Microsoft Office 365 must have the Global Administrator or SharePoint Administrator role assigned.
  • During restore, Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 automatically assigns the Site Collection Administrator role to the user account.


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