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Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365
RESTful API Reference

(POST) /Organizations/{ID}/Action

Starts restore sessions for exploring and performing restore operations with backups.


To start a restore session, send the POST HTTPS request to the URL of the /Organizations/{ID}/Action resource.

HTTPS Request

POST https://<Backup-Office365>:4443/v1/Organizations/{ID}/Action

Request Headers

The request header must contain the authorization token for the current logon session.

Request Body

To start a restore session, the request body must contain the explore action property:






Specifies the date and time in the following format: <yyyy.MM.dd hh:mm:ss>.

For example, "datetime": "2017.06.26 22:07:39".

For example:



 {"datetime": "2017.06.26 22:07:39"



The request command will start a restore session only for mailbox backups that were created at the time you specified. The firstBackuptime and lastBackuptime properties of the /Organizations/{ID} resource inform you when the organization's mailbox data was backed up for the first and last times.

Mind the following:

  • If you specify the point in time which precedes the organization's first backup time, the restore session will be created with no backup data for explore or restore.
  • If you specify the point in time which exceeds the organization's last backup time, the restore session will be created with backup data as of the latest restore point.


The server returns the following response to the client.

Response Codes

A successfully completed operation returns response code 201 Created.

Response Headers

The response to this request contains the following headers. The response may also include additional standard HTTPS headers.




The length of the response body.


The media type and syntax of the request body message: application/json; charset=utf-8

Response Body

In the response body, the server returns a representation of the /Organizations/{ID}/Action resource.

The resource has the following URL: /RestoreSessions/{ID}.


The example below shows how to start a restore session for the mailbox backups of the organization with ID 380d7caf-6294-4a33-b50a-b8aeb13af58c.


POST https://support.east.local:4443/v1/Organizations/380d7caf-6294-4a33-b50a-b8aeb13af58c/Action


Request Header:

Authorization: Bearer <Access-Token>


Request Body:




 {"datetime": "2017.06.26 22:07:39"





201 Created


Response Body:



 "id": "0800471b-d0e2-422b-9d7c-35d15661c3fb",

 "type": "Vex",

 "pointInTime": "2017-06-26T22:07:39-07:00",

 "creationTime": "2017-06-29T07:42:21.191694Z",

 "state": "Working",

 "result": "Success",

 "_links": {

   "self": {

     "href": "https://support.east.local:4443/v1/restoresessions/0800471b-d0e2-422b-9d7c-35d15661c3fb"


   "organization": {

     "href": "https://support.east.local:4443/v1/restoresessions/0800471b-d0e2-422b-9d7c-35d15661c3fb/organization"




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