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Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 2.0
RESTful API Reference


Represents a collection of all restore sessions created under the current logon credentials.

To learn how to start a restore session on the provider side, refer to the (POST) /Organizations/{ID}/Action section.

Resource URL


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The following methods are supported for the /RestoreSessions resource:

(GET) /RestoreSessions

Resource Representation

The /RestoreSessions resource has the following representation:



   "id": "0800471b-d0e2-422b-9d7c-35d15661c3fb",

   "type": "Vex",

   "creationTime": "2017-06-29T07:42:21.191694Z",

   "endTime": "2017-06-29T08:14:58.3532833Z",

   "state": "Stopped",

   "_links": {

     "self": {

       "href": "https://support.east.local:4443/v2/restoresessions/0800471b-d0e2-422b-9d7c-35d15661c3fb"


     "organization": {

       "href": "https://support.east.local:4443/v2/restoresessions/0800471b-d0e2-422b-9d7c-35d15661c3fb/organization"





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