Step 3. Upload VM for RHV Image to RHV Host

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    Upload the downloaded file in to the RHV host. For more information, see the Uploading Images to a Data Storage Domain section of the Red Hat Virtualization Administration Guide.

    You need to have a root access to the RHV host and to the folder with the appliance binaries. You can use the following PowerShell script for an upload process:

    # Appliance folder with unpacked files - D:\RHV\rhv_backup_vm

    # RHV hostname -

    pscp -r -P 22 "D:\RHV\rhv_backup_vm\*" ""

    Prepare files to the import. You need to have an access for the RHV host. Log in to the RHV host and set permissions on your appliance files with the following commands:

    chmod 755 appliance-files

    chown 36:36 appliance-files


    We recommend to put these files in the ISO domain folder but you can choose another location.