Enabling Automated License Key Update

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    Automated License Key Update (ALK) is a simple check box within Veeam installations that connects to the Veeam Licensing Server. By enabling ALK, any updates made to licenses in VCSP Pulse (contract extension, increase in license size and so on) will automatically be reflected in the Veeam installation.


    Usage reporting communicates with internet-based Veeam license servers. It does not replace the need to report your paid monthly usage in VCSP Pulse.

    If you do not have Automated License Key Update enabled, or if you are near the expiration date of your rental agreement, a warning message will appear in your environment.

    Enabling Automated License Key Update 

    For more information about Automated License Update, see the following user guide articles:

    In the event that you receive an error message when your installation executes a check on the licensing server, refer to this user guide article for reasons and suggested next steps.