Initial Contract Terms and Grace Periods

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    If you have signed a VCSP Rental agreement for the first time (not a contract extension), you are granted a limited period of grace in usage and (where applicable) license start date/end date.

    • Usage grace period: regardless of your agreement terms (No Commit or VRA), usage is not charged for the balance of the first month after you sign a rental agreement.
      • For example, if you sign an agreement on April 5, 2020 you will not be charged for April usage. Your first bill will be June 1 (for May usage).
      • Reminder: within Veeam solutions, there are also payment exempt scenarios, including your first backup/replica of a new machine regardless of where you are in your rental agreement. See the Licensing Terms section for more information.
    • License end date for No Commit VCSP Rental agreements: regardless of your agreement terms, your license start date corresponds to the start of your contract, not to the start of your billing terms. For No Commit agreements, your initial end date is 2.5 months after your contract start date, offering more time to install your new licenses and start building your Veeam-powered services. Then, your license expiration will extend by 30 days every time your monthly usage report is processed by your aggregator and Veeam.