Other Workloads, including NAS and Enterprise Applications

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    Product Overview

    Veeam Backup & Replication can be a powerful platform to standardize backup management across the datacenter, reaching workloads previously relegated to point products. This includes network attached storage (NAS), enterprise applications Oracle RMAN and SAP HANA, and enterprise-focused operating systems IBM AIX and Oracle Solaris.

    For more information about how to configure protection of these workloads, see the Veeam Helpcenter.

    Usage Reporting

    Usage for these workloads can be tracked using the following counter names:

    • NAS backups will appear as File Shares;
    • Oracle RMAN and SAP HANA backups will appear as Enterprise Applications;
    • IBM AIX and Oracle Solaris server backups will consumer or add to the Servers counter.

    To collect usage reports across customer installations, the primary and recommended usage reporting method is Veeam Service Provider Console, an automated and free tool for license management and reporting.

    However, the IBM AIX and Oracle Solaris backups can not be reported using Veeam Service Provider Console. Instead, see the Viewing License Information instructions in the Veeam Agent for IBM AIX and Veeam Agent for Oracle Solaris user guides.


    All of the workloads are entitled using a Veeam Universal License.

    NAS backups are supported by all paid editions of Veeam Backup & Replication, while Oracle RMAN, SAP HANA, IBM AIX and Oracle Solaris backups require Enterprise Plus.

    Each workload under protection consumes the license at a rate in alignment with the VCSP Rental Price Per Point (PPU). To find the most up-to-date PPU, log in to the ProPartner Portal and access the PPU Information Sheet.