SharePoint: Item May Have a Virus Reported by Virus Scanner Plug-In


While backing up a SharePoint site, the job is completed successfully, but your Veeam Data Cloud backup logs say that the job has completed with a warning: Failed to back up item, Item may have a virus reported by the virus scanner plug-in.


When checking your Veeam Data Cloud backup session logs you may see the following warning:


Processing site <Name> (<SharePoint Address>) finished with warning: Failed to backup item: <Item that could not be backed up>, Item may have a virus reported by the virus scanner plug-in.


Microsoft has its own inbuilt virus scanner for files that are uploaded to SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams. Microsoft has determined that the file in question contains a virus. For more information on the virus scanner, see this Microsoft Article.

For more information, see this Veeam KB article.


It is recommended that you have the user or the users Microsoft 365 Admin delete the file. You can also have the file unblocked by an administrator in your Microsoft 365 tenancy if you believe this is a false positive. Please take precautions and only unblock the file if you are 100% certain it contains no viruses.

If you want to delete or unblock the file, see this Microsoft article.

Veeam Data Cloud will be unable to back up this file until it is unblocked by your Microsoft 365 Admin.

Help And Support

If you have followed the steps outlined above, and the issue recurs in the next backup cycle, or you need help with performing these changes, you can contact Veeam Customer Support.


For information on how to check your backup session logs, see Viewing Backup Logs.