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Step 2. Configure Network Hub Settings

After you deploy the network hub from the Microsoft Azure template, you must configure initial settings for the network hub.

To configure initial network hub settings:

  1. In the Microsoft Azure portal, open properties of the newly deployed appliance and get an IP address of the appliance.

Step 2. Configure Network Hub Settings 

  1. In a web browser, access the network hub portal by the following address: https://<networkhubIP>, where <networkhubIP> is the IP address of the network hub deployed in Microsoft Azure.

When you access the network hub portal in the web browser, the browser will display a warning notifying that the connection is untrusted. Ignore the warning and agree to proceed to the portal.

  1. At the Welcome screen of the portal, log in to the network hub portal under the network hub administrator account. You specified credentials for the network hub administrator account on the Basic blade when you deployed the network hub appliance from the Microsoft Azure template.
  2. Click Login.

Step 2. Configure Network Hub Settings 

  1. On the welcome screen of the Azure Setup wizard, click Next.

Step 2. Configure Network Hub Settings 

  1. Veeam PN requires that you authenticate in Microsoft Azure Active Directory. The Azure Setup wizard will display the link and an authentication code. Copy the code to the Clipboard, open the link in a web browser and enter the code in the code field.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Veeam PN will proceed with configuring the network hub settings and assign the Network Contributor role on the routing table in the Microsoft Azure network to the network hub administrator account. Wait for the process to complete and click Finish.


To pass through the Azure Setup wizard once again, in the Veeam PN portal open the Settings view, click the Azure tab and click Apply at the bottom of the page.

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