Configuring Clients

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    After you deploy the network hub, you must register clients that must have access to the VPN in the network hub portal. Veeam PN lets you register the following types of clients:

    • Entire sites — if you want to implement the site-to-site scenario, you must specify settings for all on-premises networks that you want to add to the VPN.
    • Standalone computers  — if you want to implement the point-to-site scenario, you must configure VPN settings for all standalone computers that must have access to the VPN.
    • HUB site — if the network hub is deployed on a local site and you want to provide connectivity to machines on this site, you must specify settings for this site.

    When you register a client, Veeam PN generates a configuration file that contains VPN connection settings for the client. You must use the configuration file to set up a site gateway in the on-premises network, configure a VPN connection on a standalone computer. For more information, Deploying Site Gateways and Configuring Standalone Computers.

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