Configuring IP Translation Rules

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    When you migrate a machine to another site or restore/migrate a machine to Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS, it gets a new IP address. If other machines and services communicate with this machine, you typically need to update connection settings for these machines and services so that they can work with the restored machine as before. To reduce administration overhead, you can create an IP translation rule for the restored machine.

    An IP translation rule maps the IP address of the original machine to the IP address of the machine restored to Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS. For example, a machine in a local network had an IP address, and the restored machine has an IP address You can create an IP translation rule that will map the IP address to the IP address When machines in the local network need to communicate with the machine that had an IP address, Veeam PN will look up the IP translation rule record and forward the request to the machine that has the IP address in Microsoft Azure/Amazon AWS.

    IP translation rules can be configured in the network hub and site gateway portals. You can perform the following operations with IP translation rules:


    By default, the IP translation rules functionality is disabled. To enable it, open the IP Translation Rules view; at the top right corner of the view set the toggle in the Service State field to the On position.