Step 1. Deploy Hub Appliance

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    To deploy the network hub from the OVA package:

    1. Download the Veeam PN OVA package from: and save it in a network shared folder.
    2. In VMware vSphere Web Client, open the hosts and clusters inventory list and select a host on which you want to register the appliance.
    3. From the menu at the top of the working area, select Actions > Deploy OVF Template.
    4. At the Select source step of the wizard, select Local file, click Browse and browse to the Veeam PN OVA package.

    Step 1. Deploy Hub Appliance 

    1. Follow the next steps of the wizard and specify appliance deployment settings: datastore on which the appliance disk must be placed, disk format, network to which the appliance must be connected and so on.
    2. At the last step of the wizard, select the Power on after deployment check box and click Finish.

    Step 1. Deploy Hub Appliance 

    VMware vSphere will deploy the Veeam PN appliance on the selected host. The deployment process typically takes several minutes. Wait for this process to complete and proceed to the network hub configuration.

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