Veeam PN 2.1
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Install Veeam PN with Script

On Ubuntu 18.04 machine, you can deploy Veeam PN using the installer script. If you want to deploy Veeam PN using the script, you don't need to download the Veeam PN image. The script will download all required files from Linux repository. You can download the installer script ( at:

Before you deploy Veeam PN, see system requirements.

To install Veeam PN, run the installer script with the required parameters.

sudo bash ./ -- -y -c -f



-c (--configure-system)

Pre-configures the system before installation: configures ssh settings, installs updates.

-f (--force)

Forces the installation: ignores pre-checks of additional tools (Apache, WireGuard, etc.)

-y (--quiet)

Switches to quiet mode (unattended installation): the wizard will not ask you to confirm installation of required tools.

-v  (--version)

Shows version information.

-h (--help)

Shows help.

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