Veeam PN 2.1
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System Requirements

Network Hub in Microsoft Azure

A1 VM size (1 core, 1.75 GiB RAM, 70 GB of disk space) is minimum. For more information about VM sizes in Microsoft Azure, see

Network Hub in Amazon AWS

t2.micro instance (1 vCPU, 1GiB RAM). For more information about EC2 instance types, see

Network Hub in On-Premises Network

  • Platform: VMware vSphere ESXi host/cluster 5.0 оr later (hardware version 8 and later).
  • Host RAM: 1 GB.
  • Appliance disk size: 3.9 GB (thin-provisioned disk) or 16 GB (thick-provisioned disk).

Site Gateways

Appliance disk size: 3.9 GB (thin-provisioned disk) or 16 GB (thick-provisioned disk).

Standalone Computers

See system requirements to OpenVPN clients:

Web Browsers

To access Veeam PN portals, you can use any of the following web browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or later, Microsoft Edge updated for KB4486996 (OS Build 16299.967) or later, Mozilla Firefox 56 or later, Google Chrome 62 or later.

Networking Schemes

Networks that you add to the VPN with Veeam PN must have different IP schemes. Otherwise you will need to configure routing settings manually.

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