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How Backup Works

During backup, Veeam Endpoint Backup performs the following operations:

  1. Veeam Endpoint Backup creates a Microsoft VSS snapshot of the volume whose data you want to back up.

The VSS snapshot helps make sure that the data on the volume is consistent and does not change at the moment of backup. On Microsoft Windows Desktop versions, Veeam Endpoint Backup creates a copy-only VSS snapshot. On Microsoft Windows Server versions, Veeam Endpoint Backup creates a full VSS snapshot.

Veeam Endpoint Backup does not create a VSS snapshot for the EFI system partition on GPT disks as its data does not change during backup. For the System Reserved and other system partitions, VSS snapshot can be created if there is enough free disk space on the partition.

How Backup Works Note:

By default, Microsoft Windows does not include offline Outlook Data Files (.ost) into a VSS snapshot. As a result, these files are not included into Veeam Endpoint backups, too.

  1. Veeam Endpoint Backup reads data from the created VSS snapshot, compresses it and copies it to the target location.
  • For volume-level backup, Veeam Endpoint Backup copies data blocks of the whole volume.
  • For file-level backup, Veeam Endpoint Backup creates a volume inside the backup file in the target location. The content of the volume in the backup file is synchronized with the volume on the source: Veeam Endpoint Backup copies only those data that you have selected to back up.

In the target location, Veeam Endpoint Backup stores copied data to the backup file.

  1. [For Microsoft Windows Server Edition] If an application on the computer uses transaction logs to maintain the database consistency, Veeam Endpoint Backup automatically truncates transaction logs upon successful backup.

How Backup Works Important!

The Veeam Endpoint Service runs under the LocalSystem account. On Microsoft SQL Server 2012, this account does not have necessary permissions to truncate transaction logs. If you want Veeam Endpoint Backup to automatically truncate transaction logs, you need to manually add the LocalSystem account to a group that has the SQL Server System Administrator rights.

How Backup Works 

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