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Step 7. Specify Shared Folder Settings

The Shared folder step of the wizard is available if you have chosen to save the backup in a network shared folder.

Specify shared folder settings:

  1. In the Shared folder field, type a UNC name of the network shared folder in which you want to store backup files. Keep in mind that the UNC name always starts with two back slashes (\\).
  2. If the network shared folder requires authentication, select the This share requires access credentials check box and specify a user name and password of the account that has access permissions on this shared folder. The user name must be specified in the DOMAIN\USERNAME format.

To view the specified password, click and hold the eye icon on the right of the Password field.

If you do not select the This share requires access credentials check box, Veeam Endpoint Backup will connect to the shared folder using the NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM account of the computer where the product is installed. You can use this scenario if the Veeam Endpoint computer is joined to the Active Directory domain. In this case, you can simply grant Full Control access on the shared folder and underlying file system to the computer account (DOMAIN\COMPUTERNAME$).

  1. To view how much free space is available in the selected shared folder, click Populate.
  2. In the Keep restore points for the last <N> days when computer was used field, specify the number of days for which you want to store backup files in the target location. By default, Veeam Endpoint Backup keeps backup files for 14 days. After this period is over, Veeam Endpoint Backup will remove the earliest restore points from the backup chain.

To learn more, see Backup Retention Policy.

Step 7. Specify Shared Folder Settings 

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