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Protect Windows Computer

To protect information on your computer, you can set up the backup job in Veeam Endpoint Backup. The backup job runs automatically by schedule, captures data added to the backup scope and creates data backups on the backup target — an external drive, shared folder or Veeam backup repository. If the system crashes or you lose some files, you can restore the necessary information from the backup.

In addition to protecting data on your computer, you can protect the OS against failures. You can create the Veeam Recovery Media — a bootable recovery image. If the OS on the computer fails to boot, you can boot it from an alternative source — the Veeam Recovery Media, diagnose and fix problems, or restore data that you need from the backup.

This scenario describes how to protect your computer with Veeam Endpoint Backup. You will:

  1. Install Veeam Endpoint Backup.
  2. Create a Veeam Recovery Media on the USB drive.
  3. Configure the backup job to create regular backups on the local drive.

To install Veeam Endpoint Backup:

  1. Download the installation archive for Veeam Endpoint Backup from
  2. Unpack the archive and run the VeeamEndpointBackup_<version>.exe file.
  3. Select the I agree to the Veeam End User License Agreement check box and click Install.

Protect Windows Computer 

  1. Wait for the installation process to complete.
  2. At the Insert backup target now step, select the Skip this, I will configure backup later check box. Click Next.

Protect Windows Computer 

  1. At the next step of the wizard, make sure that the Run Veeam Recovery Media creation wizard check box is selected. Click Finish.

Protect Windows Computer 

When installation completes, Veeam Endpoint Backup will launch the Create Veeam Recovery Media wizard.

To create a Veeam Recovery Media:

  1. Insert a USB drive into a USB slot on the computer.
  2. At the top right corner of the Available bootable media types list, click the Refresh icon.
  3. Select the connected USB drive. Click Next.

Protect Windows Computer 

  1. At the Ready to Apply step of the wizard, click Create to start the Veeam Recovery Media creation.

Protect Windows Computer 

  1. Wait for the media to be created. Typically, it takes 2-5 minutes. Then click Finish to exit the wizard.

To configure the backup job:

  1. Double-click the Veeam Endpoint Backup icon in the system tray.

If you do not see the icon, open the Notification Area Icons view in Microsoft Windows and make sure that the Show icon and notification setting is set for the Veeam Endpoint Tray agent.

  1. At the Backup Mode step of the wizard, select what data you want to back up: entire computer, specific computer volumes or individual folders with files. Click Next.

Protect Windows Computer 

  1. If you have selected to perform volume-level or file-level backup, select check boxes next to those objects that you want to include in the backup. Click Next.

Protect Windows Computer 

  1. At the Destination step of the wizard, select Local storage. Click Next.

Protect Windows Computer 

  1. At the Local Storage step of the wizard, select a drive and specify a folder where you want to save backup files. Specify how many restore points you want to retain. Click Next.

Protect Windows Computer 

  1. At the Schedule step of the wizard, specify the day and time when the backup job must be started and configure advanced scheduling settings if necessary.

Protect Windows Computer 

  1. Click Create, then click Finish.
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