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Scheduled Backup Job

Veeam Endpoint Backup lets you configure a scheduled backup job that will perform backup automatically in a timely manner. You can set up the backup job once and forget about running the backup operation manually. Veeam Endpoint Backup will periodically launch the job to back up necessary data on your computer.

The backup job settings define what data you want to back up, what the target location and retention policy for created backups are and how often you want to back up your data. If necessary, you can re-configure the backup job and change its settings at any time.  

In Veeam Endpoint Backup, you can configure only one backup job that will process one set of data. For example, if you configure the backup job to perform file-level backup, you will not be able to create volume-level backup in addition to it. Settings of the scheduled backup job apply to ad-hoc backups as well: standalone full backups and incremental backups.

Veeam Endpoint Backup launches the backup job according to the schedule you define. You can schedule the job to start at specific time daily or on specific week days.

For portable devices, Veeam Endpoint Backup does not start a backup job on the defined schedule if a device is working on battery and the battery level is below 20%.

If the backup job fails, Veeam Endpoint Backup automatically retries the job every 10 minutes within the next 23 hours. To learn more, see Automatic Job Retries.

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